How To Earn Championship Points

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 In September of 2003, it was announced to the club that a new form of recognition was underway. It was the consensus of the rules committee that this would be a fun way to recognize and to praise the effort put forth by our esteemed Llewellin Setters. Likewise, it would be a means of showing appreciation to the handler/owners for their dedication to their continued support of the club. Thus, a means of earning club status was underway.

In order to be eligible to earn these championship points a dog must be enrolled with the Field Dog Stud Book. All the Owners and Handlers of dogs must be members of the NLGDC. Championship points must be accumulated by dog placement in NLGDC field trials, Open, Derby or AF stakes.

A dog must have a major 3 point first place finish in an Open event with at least 16 dogs in the event to receive Championship award. Only 4 points from Derby placements go toward the Championship. Dogs must demonstrate that he/she will back (honor) other dogs and must retrieve to hand (Retrieve is not used in Classic and AF stakes). Champion status shall be awarded when a dog accumulates a total of ten (10) points as follows:

Open and Derby STR
1st ...... 3 pts
2nd...... 2 pts
3rd....... 1 pt
4th ....... ½ pt

Classic AF Event
1st....... 6 pts
2nd.......4 pts
3rd........2 pts

All Other AF 30 Minute Stakes

1st ...... 3 pts
2nd...... 2 pts
3rd....... 1 pt


NLGDC Champions
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Name Owner FDSB Reg. # Year & Total CH Points

CH Teasel Wind’em 2x

CH Teasel Wind’em 2x

Gary Wente 1528891 March 2005- 13.5 &
Mar 2007- 10

Shelby’s Royal Princess 2X

Shelby’s Royal Princess 2X

Randy Herman 1550094 Sept 2005- 12 &
Jan 2006- 10

Sir Royal Flush

Sir Royal Flush

Greg & Carla Fryar 1523723 Oct 2005- 11

Sherrod’s Joshua

Sherrod’s Joshua

Charles Sherrod 1537245 Jan 2006- 10.5

Highfly’n Royal Agate

Highfly’n Royal Agate

Greg & Carla Fryar 1547560 Mar 2006- 10
Blue Skye Bailey Russ Leaming 1524837 Oct 2006- 10.5
Will's Wind'em Bondhu Russ Leaming 1545613 Oct 2006- 14
Sassy Lady Wind'em Gary Wente 1523790 Nov 2006- 12.5
Bailey's Dashing Ranger Russ Leaming 1524837 Mar 2007- 11
Slammin Sammy Bondhu Jerry Idlett 1557475 Oct 2007- 10
Blizzard Snow Pearl Steve Fuess 1544742 Oct 2007- 10
Living Will Wind'em Gary Wente Mar 2008- 11
CH Arties Royal Mac Randy Herman 1567877 Mar 2008- 14
Princess Saffire Jewel Greg & Carla Fryar 148390 Sept 2008- 10.5
Highfly'n Royal Amber Greg & Carla Fryar 1564762 Oct 2008- 10.5
My Way Buddy 2x Jerry Idlett 1585526 Oct 2008- 10.5
Blue Skye Achilles Russ Leaming 1563068 Mar 2009- 12.5
High Fly'n BellaBoo Greg & Carla Fryar 1573580 Sept 2010- 11
Tennessee Road King Greg & Carla Fryar 1555102 Sept 2010-11
Will's Breck Wind'em JD & Caren Waters 1563158 Nov 2010- 10.5 pts
Elm Hill's Willow Steve Fuess 1565334 Nov 2010- 16.5 pts
Will's Iron Mike Wilbur Williams 1574539 Feb 2011- 11.5 pts
Syds Bondhu Bull Kim Johnson 1591070 Sept 2011- 10.5 pts
Chas Whity Bondhu Kim Johnson 1560549 Sept 2011- 10 pts
Bailey's Shining Star Russ Leaming 1581177 Sept 2011- 11.5 pts
Will's Bondhu Buddy Denny Domnick 1590026 Oct 2011- 10 pts
Autry's Rowdy Waco Angela Autry 1599523 February 2012- 11 pts
Mac's Maverick Mick Chris Thole 1608904 March 2012- 10 pts
Brie Chelsea Woods Hank Larsen 1547234 March 2012- 10.5 pts
Stitch's Advie Smarty Lloyd Jones 1581404 Oct 2012- 11.5 pts
Will's Amazing Grace Jerry Idlett 1595843 Febr 2013- 10.5 pts
Hold'em Count Nickel Bill Phelps 1587216 Febr 2013- 11.5 pts

For a listing of all dogs with points toward a NLGDC Championship please click here: NLDGC Championship Points.


TOP "POINTS" DOG of the Year Award:

2012-2013 Winner: Duke - Rock Daniels with 6529.5 points.

To view all of the 2012-2013 Dog Points Totals, click here.

This award is to encourage more participation in a greater number of trials throughout the year and to recognize the dog that consistently achieves a high score even though that dog may not place at a given trial.

Scores for each dog will be counted towards TOP "Points" Dog of the Year; with the scoring period from September through March trials and award presentation at the March event. Judges scores are added together from each trial entered; the dog that has the highest point total at end of year (September - March) being determined the winner of the TOP "Points" DOY award.

*Awards for Open Class & Derby Class with each of the classes points tracked separately, no points for Puppy class will be counted.*

Q - Is there a maximum number of events a dog can run to qualify for TOP "Points" DOY?
A - Yes. No dog can compete in more than the number of open runs in a given year.

Q - Can a puppy run in a derby event?
A - Yes. But only if the puppy has demonstrated uncommon skill in a previous puppy run.

Q - Can a derby dog run in an open event?
A - Yes, but only if the derby dog has scored a back and retrieve in a previous derby event.

Q - Can a dog qualify for TOP Points Dog of the Year if handled by someone other than the owner?
A - Yes, a dog may be handled by its owner or someone else if owner is unable.


Founder Award

Given for Outstanding Service to the NLGDC (voted by board).

Winner 2011-2012: Wilbur Williams


  A special thanks to Nutri Source for teaming with the NLGDC.