Past Club Trials

2020-2021 Season Trial Results

2020 Fall Ohio Field Trial

 March 8,2020 Illinois Field Trial

2019-2020 Season Trial Results

NLGDC March 7,2020 Annual Field Trial

October 2019 Fall Illinois Field Trial 

September 2019 Ohio Classic Field Trial

April 2019 Ohio Classic Field Trial

March 10, 2019, Petersburg In Field Trial

2018-2019 Season Trial Results

NLGC March 09, 2019 Annual Field Trial

October 2018  Hoosier Field Trial

2018 Fall Ohio ClassicField Trial

 NLGDC March 2018 Annual Field Trial

March  2018  Spring Ohio Classic Field Trial

2017-2018 Season Trial Results

Nov 2017 Ohio Classic Field Trial

2017 Hoosier Field Trial

April 2017 Ohio Classic Field Trial

March 2017 Kentucky  Bluegrass Bash

2017 Top Handler : Madison Powell

Tim Powell congratulating Bill Butler for the Dog of the Year (Sergeant) award for the 2016-2017 trial year.

2016-2017 Season Trial Results

2017 Kentucky Field Trial 

October 2016 Kentucky Field Trial

Results-KY Bluegrass Bash March 20, 2016

Sunday Open Winners: 1st Nickel with Bill Phelps, 2nd Buddy with Jerry Idlett and 3rd Thunder with Tim Powell

Sunday Derby Winners: 1st Kellie Leaming with Dallas, 2nd Oakley and Steve Fuess who were already on their way home, and 3rd Kinzie Taylor with Remi

Sunday Puppy Winners: 1st Russ Leaming with Dallas, 2nd Kinzie Taylor (Rafe Millard, owner) with Remi and 3rd Grant Hines with Pepper

2015-2016 TRIAL SEASON

May 2015 Minnesota Trial

October 2015 Kentucky Results

KY NLGDC March 19, 2016 Results

Saturday Roy Sparks Memorial Open winners: 1st Bill Wardle with Dash, 2nd Steve Fuess with Gus, 3rd Kellie Leaming with Shiner

Saturday Olen Chapman Memorial Derby winners: 1st Bill Phelps with Daisy, 2nd Steve Fuess with Gus, and 3rd Colin Fowler with Harper

Saturday Puppy winners: 3rd Kellie Leaming with Dallas, Judge Jerry Idlett, 1st Bob Wilson with Gravy, Judge Caren Mansfield, 3rd Rafe Millard with Remi



Results March 14 2015

Roy Sparks Memorial Open: 3rd) Jeri Fuess with Millie; 1st) Steve Fuess with Clancy; and 2nd) Nate Wefel with Spec

Nipper Gus Willow

Judges Caren Mansfield and Tammy Butler with Karen Strohmeyer and Sophie, Charity Wefel with Balsam, and Nate Wefel with Rowan



Results March 22 2014

Roy Sparks Memorial Open:  1st - Jerry Idlett with Buddy, 3rd - Pat Wardle with Dash, 2nd Tammy Butler with Jerry Idlett's Jake

Olen Chapman Memorial Derby:  1st - Jerry Idlett with Sam, 3rd - Mike Evans with Joe, 2nd - Danny Shirley with Nikki

Tie for First: Chaz Johnson with Whitey and Russ Leaming with Rock Daniels Lady; 2nd - Justin Crandall with Reese