The following forms have been created using Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Word. In order to use the PDF forms you will need to have or download a free copy of Acrobat Reader, which is available for use with all major computer platforms. The forms, except the E-mail Application, need to be printed out to be completed.

Club Forms


 Membership Application nlgdc-membership-10312016 nlgdc-membership online
 NLGDC Trial Rules 2024 NLGDC trial rules    
 NLGDC By-Laws 2024 nlgdc bylaws    
 Waiver Release Agreement WORD    
 NLGDC Trial Hosting Packet      
 -Cover WORD    
 -Letter WORD    
 NLGDC Field Trial Event Registration WORD    
 NLGDC Field Trial Placements WORD    
NLDGC  Member Breeder Form WORD    
 NLGDC Information Registration Form WORD    
NLDGC Champion Point Worksheet champ point worksheet    


Trial Forms

 Northern Field Trial Fall 2013 WORD    
  2017 Bluegrass Bash Packet WORD    
 NLDGC Field Trial Blank Forms